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    Need to keep track of success stories.

    Tim Gray

      Our senior working group responsible for our Jive implementation needs to track success "stories"  in our Jive implementation.

      Tagging is of limited value since we can't add tags to eg: discussions - only the author can (and we don't want to do this as admins)

      My thought was to bookmark content that we wanted to keep track of, and then tag the bookmark with jive_success  but searching for tags associated with bookmarks doesn't work,  the watch a tag widget doesn't work for bookmark tags Jive bug JIVE-4878  the from my profile/bookmarks/filter by tag I only see the bookmarks I created.  I though of creating a group and then share the content to the group, but that doesn't work either.  I'd rather not pollute the comments streams with an @ to an esoteric group.


      Any ideas on how to consolidate references to this kind of content? (without going to the trouble of copying the url, pasting in a tracking document and adding some kind of annotation).


      Any advice appreciated.


      Kathryn Everest

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          Could you enable Jive Anywhere within your Jive instance (not the usual practice, I know) and then use that so anyone could quickly and easily start a new discussion that references the success story? You could set up a group specifically for this purpose (and so allow people who don't use JA to post there, as well).

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            Andrew Kratz



            As you pointed out the challenge is how to capture these great stories without copying and pasting or having point people add tags.  As you implied, all of those solutions won't have staying power.  So you want to create a solution where individuals have motivation to do the work for you.  Create an environment where there are incentives for individuals to place these great stories in one place for your review.

            My solution has a few side effects, but I think they are all good ones.  I know your main purpose is to bubble these great stories up to the senior working group.  But these examples can also become incredible beacons of light and inspiration for others inside your company.  So this solution will share them instantly with the entire community.  The other ingredient in this sauce is that people love to get recognized for great work.  So lets use that as our cataylst to get the community to do the heavy lifting.

            So here is the idea.

            Add the Watch A Tag widget to very prominent place in your community.  If you have a social Intranet, your home page will do just fine   If not, then a very popular group that most everyone in the community sees.  If you have one of those "lobby" or "water cooler" places, it could be a great way to get people talking about business instead of pop culture.  Above the widget you might want to put a small graphic to that links to a document to give more detail, but you basically are asking people to write a quick status update, discussion or Doc placing a tag #GreatStory (or whatever you like). 



            I mocked one up quickly here for a visual on a test home page


            great story.jpg


            Hope this is helpful,



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              Tim Gray

              I should also note that I am able to work around some of the tagging bookmark limitations.  From Browse Bookmarks, clicking All and then filtering by the tag does give me a list of all content tagged by anyone.

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                If you are on 6.0 or cloud, you could us the custom activity stream and label one stream "success stories" and add that content to that stream.