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    What happens to old support cases?


      I was at a company who was a Jive Customer June 2009-December 2011. There was a lot of great information in my cases on how I could make the most of Jive. I've received some phenomenal help that I've gotten from the support guys and gals over the years. I'm at a new company and wanted to reference a couple of previous cases to see if I could be better about handling things on my own but unfortunately it appears all those old cases have been deleted. I was hoping the cases had been marked private to me and were archived. Cases that had been made public still appear. Some of them are helpful but really missing some of the ones that were private to me and my former company.


      I assume since that content was deleted the points went with it to. If so some of the great support guys lost a lot of points if all those discussions were deleted.  Maybe they can recover them from the database