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    In Jive-, Can we add a new template in overridden soy file??


      Hi Folks,


           Am new to Jive, I have overridden a soy file(/soy/userregistration/userregistrationform.soy) in JIVE - and created a new template within that soy file to achieve few UI changes. The UI changes and functionality looks fine as expected. But while starting the instance am getting the below error in application log file.


      2013-03-07 05:45:05,342 [NonBlockingEventDispatcher-thread-3] [::] ERROR com.jivesoftware.community.web.soy.impl.SoyTemplateRegistryImpl - Cannot define a new custom template in a soy file that is also being overriden: /usr/local/jive/applications/ricoh/home/themes/rworld_theme/soy/userregistration/userregistrationform.soy will be ignored.


        As checked the SoyTemplateRegistryImpl.java in JIVE code, While starting the instance they are checking all the available templates within the instance. If the template is newly added and the respective soy file is overridden one, then they are throwing this error.


      Can anyone please guide me on the below points,


           1. Can we add a new template in overridden soy file?

           2. In overridden soy file, We need to achieve all the changes by modifying the existing templates alone?? is it the right approach as per      jive- behavior??

           3. Is there any other impact due to the above error.?



      Thanks and Regards,

      Durairaj R.