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    Get activity API.

      I understand that its possible to get the activities for a space using the API /places/{placeID}/activities. However if I need to get the activities from more than one space I will end up making 'n' different http requests. I'm trying to avoid that.


      Here is a use case:


      Lets assume that I'm following a dozen space in my activity stream and I would like to know that latest stuff happening in the space(s) I'm following. What would be the API to use?




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      Mark Weitzel

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          I did never use this part of the API, so I may be completely wrong.

          If I do understand it right you have already an activity stream which contains all spaces which you are following. So "GET /streams/{streamID}/activities" should be your friend.

          With "POST /people/{personID}/streams" it is possible to create a (temporary) stream while adding the spaces to the stream may be complicated.

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