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    Call for Participants: Community & Community Management Performance Research


      The Community Roundtable is looking for participants for its newest research. We've turned our annual State of Community Management into a quantitative performance study, looking at community and community management performance. We hope to answer questions like:

      • What is the benefit of a community strategy?
      • When should I expect to see those benefits at a meaningful scale?
      • What difference does community management make?
      • What are the standard roles and responsibilities of community managers?
      • How does the performance of internal communities differ from external communities?
      • How big should I expect my community program budget to be?


      In exchange for participating, you will get a copy of the aggregate research and the chance to win one of three custom research presentations we are giving away.


      More info about how to participate is here.  Please consider participating and let me know if you have any questions. We expect that many answers will require you to make estimates because of that wide variety of data currently collected in this area.