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    Has anyone implemented entitlement search with external search solution?


      We have an initiative that is considering aggregating all relevant content across multiple platforms into a specialized index-search implementation.


      The desire is to use entitlement search on content indexed from our Jive instance to ensure people would only receive Jive results of content in which they have permissions.

      As a result, I am wondering if anyone has implemented an external search/index project that had the following or similar characteristics:

      • External search engine, ie Autonomy IDOL platform, crawling/indexing your Jive instance
      • Crawler set-up to index specific communities (open, members, private, secret) within your Jive instance
      • Jive content entitlement (accessibility) rules synched (pushed or pulled) with entitlement tables in search solution for indexed content
      • Ability to dynamically add other communities to the indexing target communities to index (ie using specialized tags or some other mechanism)
      • Distinguish if specific content requires entitlements ( residing in “private"  or "secret” groups) vs content that does not (residing in “open"  or "member” groups)


      If this has been done, please provide a brief overview of how such a request was implemented. 

      Did the external search engine and Jive integration for secure content requires the use of a specific (commercial or custom developed) connector?

      Was the use of Jive APIs involved or used solely?



      Has anyone developed their own Jive plugin which would allow them to perform a pseudo-OpenSearch onto their Jive instance?

      Ideally, it would be a solution that performs a federated search mechanism to return results to an trusted external solution that provides a userID for to obtain search results based on user's search parameters.

      Essentially, this solution provides the kind of entitlement search desired by this initiative that's being scoped.

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          Hi Kevin,


          I started a similar discussion about this here.  Not sure if its of any use to you.



          Hassan Atassi

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              Hassan, although it did not answer mine or your request, which are very similar or really the same, it was certainly a good reference for me in knowing that someone is indexing their instance using APIs vs the typical web crawler.


              While this team really prefers to do a traditional indexing, more so for expected performance purposes, I really like the idea of a federated search instead.

              With a federated search, the external solution (search-engine or otherwise) is not trying to concern itself with replicating the security trimmings of the source system.

              It leaves that to the source system to perform natively.


              I hope we get a response from within this community as I believe these SMEs would certainly know if it has been done before.


              Thanks for reaching out Hassan.  If you hear/see something elsewhere in the JC, please keep this post in mind.


              FYI: The Jive Pointer (formerly known as Jive SharePoint Connector) actually has such federated search built into it's solution.  This federated search is actually bi-directional as well.  So it's possible, but I am wondering if it has been done outside the context of the Jive Pointer module, which could be leveraged by any 3rd-party solution, not just MS SharePoint.