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    Trying to understand Jive's metrics

    Kara Francis

      As a new Jive user, I'm trying to figure out what metrics are available.  I'm on 4.5, so I'll try to limit my number of questions until I am able to explore Jive 6, but one question that I think will apply to either version is how do you define things - active user vs. contributor?  What is considered being an active user?


      I have attached two screenshots with some questions.


      1. Active vs. contributor
      2. Active vs. read
      3. Are any of these considered "unique" users?
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          Kara Francis

          I'm also trying to find just a basic report that tells me things like

          • How many users have uploaded a picture?
          • How many have someone in their network or are following someone?
          • How many have posted a status to their board?
          • How many have joined at least one group?
          • # of log-ins to the system overall
          • Etc.


          Is this type of info available in Jive 6 (I'm not seeing it in Jive 4.5)?

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            If you go into the Reports page of your group you should notice some small question mark icons near the top of each graph/report. Mouse over one of these and it will trigger a popup that provides a good description of the variables reflected in the report.


            You can also download the data into a .csv that went into making the report, which will give you a better idea as to how the metrics are created. Basically, they are cascading subsets of info for each user. So someone who shows up as contributing (highest level of use) will also show up as participating (lower) and active (lowest).

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