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    Migrating points to Gamification Module?


      As I understand it, the points system is a bit different when using the gamification module. This introduces an issue if you already have a community that has earned a number of points. Is there a way to convert the points to be more "to-scale" with the gamification module? I can't seem to find any information around how do so.

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          Hey Tyler,


          Points are actually transferred over 1-1.  The only issue will come in to play when you are creating your new missions.   For example, you used to be rewarding a correct answer with 5 points, you would want to create a similar repeatable mission within the Gamificaiton Module for 5 points as well.  I believe we have a default mission that rewards 100 points or so - and you wouldn't want to go live with that and devalue all your old points.

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            Oh - and the process is, warn our support team a few days in advance of going live with your gamificaiton module, they will get the cutoff time aligned and bring old points into the new system at a time of your choice.

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              Ted Hopton

              My take on this is to start fresh. You can migrate the old points so people don't feel they are getting something taken away. But why not change the scale if you want to? Frankly, the default point system in Jive is extremely limited. I did not choose to mimic it. Rather, I left it in the dust!


              If anyone who had lots of points the old way gets left behind by people getting more points the new way, that is good: it means your new point system is reflecting that people are currently doing and not just historical accumulation of points in the past. People can participate and maintain or extend their "lead" or they can get smoked by the people participating now.

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                Megan Truett

                As much as I love Bunchball and gamification, our points transfer was a bit of a disaster. Not sure how big your community is, Tyler, but ours is about 5,000 users. We wanted to transfer our points over and due to the scale discrepency noted above, we asked that everyone's points get multiplied by ten and transfered over. The transfer for whatever reason was incomplete. The top 1,000 or so had the correct (multiplied) value transferred over, but then the rest either had a partial transfer or no transfer at all. We logged a case to get this completed and in the meantime, people were gung-ho about the badges, earning them at a crazy speed and racking up points. When the Jive admin attempted to fix it, he actually installed a new "Prod 2", which completely wiped out all points and badges that had been earned since we installed the gamification module. As you can imagine, people were really upset. I am not sure the fresh transfer was complete and after the complete wipe-out I was honestly a little afraid to mess with it further. The community "re-earned" badges and went right along (with a bit of grumbling). I think it helped that we made some missions repeatable so people could rack up points. So ... proceed with caution, my friend

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                  We can transfer points, but what about badges applied to missions? For example, if a mission is to follow 5 people and 2 specific places, and the user already did so pre-gamification rollout, will they automatically get that badge when we turn on gamification? In my case, I'd like 3 specific badges to be transferred over and the rest for people to earn from scratch. Selin Korustan