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    Houston Meeting?


      I thought I'd see how many Jive customers are in Houston and if there are enough people to meet.

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          I am up NW and I know at least two Jive employees that are in Houston too.  I would totally be down for a Houston meeting sometime.

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            I could always be persuaded to venture out of Austin if you guys decide to set something up.  It seems like we should have a user meeting outside of Austin some time.  Are you all able to host our Q3 meeting?  Let me know if you need any extra support in the meantime.



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              John, thanks for volunteering your facilities for Q3 TUG. After yesterdays meeting, I received a lot of feedback on timing/content:

              • One member said he can always meet on Thursdays, but never on Wednesdays.
              • Another member suggested that we build more time for networking into the front end of the meeting, so that the first 30-60 minutes of the meeting would be entirely focused on meeting and talking with each other in person. 
              • There were some intersting ideas on how we could improve the virtual event using PGi's imeet rooms and video conferencing capabilities, so people in Austin/Dallas and the rest of TX can have a more engaging experience.


              I would like to suggest we hold the next meeting on a Thursday from 1:30-4p some time in June - 6/6, 6/13, 6/20, and 6/27.  I would enjoying working with you, Matt Nevill and other interested members to design the Q2 meeting agenda.  What are your thoughts?


              cc: Brad Warren, Bill Howell, Ryan Rutan, Cora Rodenbusch, Michael Torok

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                  Yes!! Let me get us a plan in place for remote attendees.


                  As long as we have a web cam and good microphone at the in person event, the virtual experience will be great.


                  Steve: Will run a demo with you next week to see how this can work for us


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