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    Search Capabilities - Not Working Jive 6


      Chris Wilkinson - Our new issue is that once we had a working cluster, we swapped in a new database and it broke our search config.  Here are the detailed steps we took:

      1. We had a working cluster that we QA'd internally - it was not being used by our customers.  Search was working properly after we were white-listed.
      2. We had also had a working 5.0.3 cluster that was live and serving content to our customers
      3. We shut down our 5.0.3 cluster and took a pg_dumpall from its database
      4. We took the database from #3 and copied it to the cluster
      5. Shut down SBS, EAE, Doc conversion et all in the new
      6. We restored the database from #3 into the new cluster's PG instance
      7. We started EAE and one SBS server in the new and ran setup
      8. We upgraded the database schema in the cluster per Jive's built-in mechanism
      9. We re-configured EAE, Doc Conversion and Cache with two SBS nodes
      10. Browsing to the search tab in the admin console caused an unexpected error per the logs attached
      11. When we start SBS we see that search does not initialize and that it throws a slew of exceptions, per the logs attached


      It's my assumption that by swapping in a new database that we are missing settings in the JiveProperties table that search/skyhook needs to run.  They're either missing altogether or have the wrong information.


      Any ideas folks: Ryan Rutan, Clint Lyon?