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    Action phrase in Nitro's Gamification Console does not show in Activity Stream or Social News

      Hi All,


      I have a case Actions phrases not displaying properly where the customer have made some changes in Nitro's gamification console to have different action phrases for different status levels.


      For example, if a user achieved a status level called "Half Caff", it should come up in the activity stream's Social News as "{userName} just brewed {direction} to {levelName}". At the moment it is coming up as {userName} acheived new level {levelName}." I have some screen shots below to show the issue of this case.




      My question is how can we help them in making sure that the phrases used in the Nitro's gamification console is reflected in the activity stream.


      Please advise if their change can be reflected in Social News of if they have set it the action phrase in the wrong way?


      Curtis Gross , Kevin Conaway ,Ben Dukleth