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    Tag governance and best practices


      Hi everyone,

      I was wondering if any of you have a good model to share on managing tags in Jive? When I was at HP it was difficult to manage (Jive 4.5.x) large tag libraries. We relied on coaching on the front end to help people be thoughtful and consistent on how they used tags. Nevertheless, looking at the overall tag usage there were tons of overlaps, meaningless tags, etc. With a small deployment this can be managed manually however in large enterprise deployments with tens of thousands of documents, discussions and questions tagging inconsistencies can get out of control pretty quickly. Would love to hear some success stories on this front!! 




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          Hi Mike


          I have seen the more formal approach for tags (more so the meta data / taxonomy approach), and culturally, I find it a bit exhausting for users, and difficult to manage.


          Rather than take this approach - we have left tags wide open, but with a caveat.   Tags often only mean something to the person doing the tagging - what we try to reinforce is yes, use your knowledge to tag items, but consider how people may search for it and find it.


          We've only been live for about a month, and time will tell, but so far, no complaints.


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            This question comes up for me too. We want to get out ahead of it, before it becomes a problem. Any guidance would be helpful. We are using Jive as an internal knowledge base, with a wide variety of documents. Findability is key. Granted, folksonomy is good with Jive. However...


            how do we come up with good tagging best practices that we can train around. Do you come up with specific nomenclature for your business? Per service line / per product?

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                We recently pulled all the tags from our internal jive instance.

                Obviously we found various similar tags users had created.

                For example jivesdk and jive-sdk, continuous-delivery and ContinuourDelivery, etc...

                And most of the tags were created long back. Current users are just randomly picking up ones which were already created.


                We decided to do  a mass cleanup on existing documents and also clean up the redundant tags.

                We developed an internal bulk tag management tool for that which will help us perform this massive cleanup when we move from hosted to cloud next month.


                There is still no way to keep a check on tags created or used day-to-day. But with the new app we have plan to do this exercise many be once every 6 months or once an year.