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    Quarterly Dashboard on Jive Adoption & Progress


      I am looking to report on the following on a quarterly basis. Would love to have a dashboard for executives and then one for the rest of the community.


      • Summary -include  themes we are seeing
      • Success stories
      • Elevator pitches (list a few)
      • Top influencers/leaders who are using our Jive instance
      • Graphs of:
        • User adoption
        • Places/Communities
        • Content
        • Avg. time spent in FALive
        • Avg. time spent on top 5 communities
        • Avg. time spent on top 5 content
      • Most searched for keywords
      • Key Initiatives Implemented
      • Upcoming Initiatives Planned
      • Benchmark/comparison with other Jive Clients - specific to our industry

      I'd love to know if someone has done something like this and what suggestions you might have:

      a) what other types of information are meaningful to include or exclude?

      b) Did you use an Excel template to store the data and convert into an InDesign template fpr plug and play?


      Besides CMR and Google Analytics, what other tools have you found useful?


      Thank you Heather Lutz, Ted Hopton, Jennifer Thorimbert, Bill Chamberlain, Miriam Smith.