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    Dynamically accessing containerType and containerID

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      Hi everyone!


      I am developing a plugin on Jive 5 which allows a user to create a document from a file they upload. So far, I have been using static values to assign my document to a specific container. I now want to access the container dynamically, This is my code:


      //Set and get container type and ID handled by STUTS

      public int getContainerType() {

              return super.getContainerType();



          public void setContainerType(int containerType){




          public long getContainerID() {

              return super.getContainerID();



          public void setContainerID(long containerID) {




      //Set container (in my upload() method)

      setContainer(jiveObjectLoader.getJiveContainer(getContainerType(), getContainerID()));


      //Add document to the container (in my upload() method)

      documentManager.addDocument(getContainer(), document, Collections.emptyMap() );



      I tracked the values for containerType and containerID in my log and they both come out to 0..


      Anyone have an idea why this is happening?


      Thanks in advance,