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    Where is the intersection of social software like Jive with collaboration modes like video / web / audio conferencing, Instant Messaging, SMS, call control, voicemail, and other avenues of communications being leveraged within business processes?


      It appears to me that the communications industry tried to leverage the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) community through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) about 15 years ago.  The result was that existing SFA (Sales Force Automation) companies like Siebel stayed in their niche and new SFA companies moved into the cloud like Salesforce.com.  The core aspects of CRM moved into the core software and "front-end" applications like Oracle and SAP.  There are two key movements in enterprise software that I am following.  I would like to speak to someone within Jive Software that focuses on the intersection of social software to collaboration.  I'm hoping you can help me find the right person, community, or group.


      As more modes of enterprise communications become software applications following the adoption of Instant Messaging with Presence, there is a renewed interest in integrating business processes to communications.  I noticed that Oracle recently acquired Acme Packet as a session border controller.  I'm wondering if Oracle is looking for integration strategies into communication modes.  The same can be said about SAP StreamWork.


      It could be that Jive Software is working closely with Cisco in this effort.  I manage the partnership between Cisco and Verizon covering the entire eastern US.  I would like to explore a partnership with local Jive Software sales teams in bringing Verizon's solutions (built on Cisco infrastructure) to customers like Carnegie Mellon University, TJU Med Ctr, and Johnson & Johnson.  Thanks for any direction you can offer.  Bill Wilson, bilwilso@cisco.com