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    Email Invites States

    Caton Guilbault

      Hey Jive or anyone else,


      Is there a posted definition of Email Invite States somewhere? I did some searching and couldn't find anything. The documentation gives a description that isn't very telling...


      Jive 4.5 > Developers Community Documents > References > Application Database Schema


      jiveInvite Table

      Table for invitations

      creationDatebigintN/Afalse The date the invitation was created
      emailvarchar100true Email address of the user recieving the invitation
      invitationIdbigintN/Afalse Unique ID for the invitation Primary key.
      inviterIdbigintN/Atrue ID of the user who initiated the invitation.
      modificationDatebigintN/Afalse The date the invitation was last modified
      objectIdbigintN/Afalse The id of the object being shared
      objectTypeintN/Afalse Type of the object being shared
      revokeDatebigintN/Atrue the date on which this invitation was revoked.
      revokerIdbigintN/Atrue The date on which this invitation was revoked
      sentDatebigintN/Atrue The date at which the invitation was sent
      stateintN/Afalse The state of the invitation
      userIdbigintN/Atrue ID of the user receiving the invitation.


      Some sample data with the states included:

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          Here is what I was able to find about the states, hope it helps:


          State     State Name     Description

          0          processing     The initial state of an invitation after a user has been invited.

          1          sent               The state an invitation enters after it has been sent.

          2          fulfilled          This state is ment to indicate that the conditions of the invitation have been fulfilled but further action may be taken on the part of the invitee in order for the invitation to enter the final state of deleted

          3          deleted          The final state of the invitation process. Once the invitation reaches this state it will be a matter of time before the invitation is completely expunged.

          4          revoked          Before an invitation is deleted it can be revoked, which invalidates the invitation.

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              Caton Guilbault

              Thanks Josh!


              That information is very helpful, but sparked a few of questions.


              1. Is it possible to not delete invites that have reached state 3?

              2. Is there any further details around the amount of time an invite will exist in state 3 for?

              3. What conditions are taken into account for state 2 (specifically with document invites)?


              Some background, we are currently using invites as a system to send relevant support information to our customers and would like to develop some more robust reporting around the experience. When invites go "missing" after an undetermined amount of time it adds a layer of complexity around designing a process to capture completely accurate reporting if the time frame existence cannot be quantified.

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                  yeah - I grabbed these descriptions from some code docs - so these are for the operational DB. In the analytics DB the records would not truly get removed. So for question 1 - if you are using the analytics DB you should be fine.


                  I believe for state 2 there is a follow up approval process that may come into play (so if you have self registration enabled with approval and someone invites user A, user can accept the invitation but still need to be approved for entry by the site moderator)


                  Marya DeVoto - FYI this would be a great addition to the analytics DB docs...