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    Alternative class for FollowingManager


      Hello All,


      We are converting jive 4 plugins in to jive 6 compatible. Please can anybody know what is alternative class for FollowingManager ?


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          Ryan Rutan

          Check out the StreamManager.  You will be able to use the isAssociated method. =)

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            Here's a code snippet on how to do this on Jive 6 for future reference:


                private List<Place> getFollowedCommunities () {

                List<Place> containers = new ArrayList<Place>();

                List<JiveObject> followedObjects = followingManager.getAssociatedObjects(getUser(), new ArrayList<Integer>(JiveConstants.COMMUNITY), 0, Integer.MAX_VALUE);

                List<JiveContainer> followedContainers = streamHelper.convertObjectsToContainers(followedObjects);

                for (JiveContainer container: followedContainers) {

                            // do something interesting

                            Place bean = createContainerBean(container, PlaceType.COMMUNITY);



                    return containers;


            Note that 'followingManager' is actually an instance of StreamManager to replace the FollowingManager from pre-Jive 6. Don't forget to update the spring.xml in your plugin to use streamManager and streamHelper and remove followingManager.