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    Two sets of categories?

      Is it possible to add two sets of categories to a group? One set to organize content by date and one set to organize content by topic/product? Thanks for your help!

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          I've been working with categories a lot, and have not found a way to split them.  We are in the cloud.

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            Hi Debbie -- you don't need two sets of categories; just use tags to "augment" your categories. Let's say you use your categories to sort by topic or by product: English, Math, Science and Social Studies, for example. Then, create a date tag -- it could be march_2013 or perhaps it's seasonal (spring_2013) or annual (2013), etc.


            You can also create tags for city, region (good for sales reps who cover several states), version / iteration (editions or versions or whatever the terminology might be in your industry) and anything and everything else. The key, though, is making sure that people are using the same tags. If you're concerned that people won't know about tags (users never do!), you could add a tag cloud widget to a group's home page and / or you could create a document with appropriate tags for the group.


            In 5.x (hosted), you can click on the Content tab in a group and then filter by category and / or tag; it's somewhat similar in 4.x (you can search by tag) and I'm assuming -- although perhaps someone can confirm -- that cloud also allows tag searching.

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                Hi Yen:
                Thank you so much for your answer.

                This group is for our senior leaders. I am trying to make the group as easy to navigate as possible. In fact, my Sr. VP said, "Can we make the group more hierarchical?"  I am using one category widget separated by date and I have tagged all content by date, topic, etc. However, I know they won't filter content by tag. So, I was trying to think of another way to "organize" the content for them at the top level. Is there something that I am missing where I can have two or more sets of categories / tags on the group homepage so they can slice and dice "easily."


                I tried the Watch a Tag widget but that doesn't behave the way I want it too and the Tag Cloud will be too confusing.


                I suppose I could write up directions for how to filter by tag but that seems to defy the purpose of it being "easy to use."


                ps - I checked out your profile on the Jive site and it's so funny. I love that you are "militant" runner and cyclist and that you'd rather pull off your finger nails than attend a baby shower.

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                    Everyone wants groups / spaces to be more hierarchical! This to me is the equivalent of refusing to use a toilet because you prefer a hole in the ground. So for all those folks who insist on using the hole in the ground, this is what I would suggest.


                    Tagged content has a unique URL which means that the group owner can link to it. So let's say *you* run the search under the content tab for the tag "team_meeting." You will now have the link to all team meetings (or some of them, depending on whether you also select a category). You can drop that link -- and any links to other tags -- into a document. Then use the View Document widget to display the contents of the document on your homepage. That should do the trick in terms of people being able to visualize the "hierarchy."


                    This may be a little difficult to understand from my description -- feel free to email or call me if you'd like. (yen.cheong@pearson.com / 212-641-6194)

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                        By Yen, I think I've got it. I agree about the hierarchical thing....!!!

                        I will try this solution and get back to you to see if it works. Meeting with my VP on Monday.

                        Thanks!!! Debbie

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                            Also keep in mind that you can have two "sets" of categories and organize them that way using the method Yen mentioned. We do this on some groups where we may have a set of domain industry categories (automotive, telecom, retail, etc.) and a set of geography categories (NorAm, EMEA, APAC, etc.) We list them on the home page like this:












                            When we add content, we add the appropriate categories (usually at least two categories) to the documents, then also add the categories as tags. That way if I want to see all the automotive content from North America, I can click Automotive and then filter by NorAm tag, or vice versa.




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                                I find it frustrating there is no easy way to filter by multiple categories.


                                I can‘t understand why the system would let you assign more than one to a piece of content yet not let you refine by multiple.  Or am I missing something?


                                The tags model is great for ‘sub categories‘ but it should let you select multiple categories in the browse/search, and give you a result count for each one.  I guess one day Jive will finally fix the search engine to support more than the basic results it does currently.  I‘ve just been spoilt with all these modern websites that let you refine by multiple parameters whilst giving result counts for all the different facets.

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                              Hi Yen Cheong, I totally agree to this

                              Everyone wants groups / spaces to be more hierarchical! This to me is the equivalent of refusing to use a toilet because you prefer a hole in the ground. So for all those folks who insist on using the hole in the ground, this is what I would suggest.

                              Mankind has been trained for IT hierachical structures for generation so I guess it found it's way into our epigenetics


                              Our company consists of German engineers, I'd guess this hierarchy concept is very, very deep in our genes. We use tags and categories, but we use sub-spaces (only a few) and sub-groups as well. Since there are no sub-groups in Jive we model them as never ending project (31.12.2099), so we have one real hierarchy level. This works quite well and we don't have those structures within structures any more.


                              For a hierarchical overview over our community we've introduced virtual hierarchy level using a table of contents and put this on the overview page.


                              This table of contents is very popular, cause it shows all users the structure of the whole community. Since we are only 60 users, it works well, but I don't know if it would work for very big communities.

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                          If you have paid for the Catalyst plug-in, there is a Lobby Widget that helps facilitate some of what you are looking for here.