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    Admin view of user's progress on their badges


      Will I be able to click on anyone's profile page and see a tab for the Reputation Center so I can view their badges and the status of each one?  I know I can see my own by clicking on Browse>Reputation Center or clicking on my points next to my name.  As an admin, I need the functionality to view anyone's badges (especially when they say they should have received X badge, but when I look they are only 50% complete).  This used to exist and now it's gone.


      I was told by Jive Support that "the only way to check other peoples progress would be from the Nitro Admin Console. I should be able to view all points and missions with the userid."


      I checked the console but cannot find where it shows me a user's progress on a particular badge. I can see if they have it or not and can manually complete a badge for a user, but I can't see their % progress (for example, if the badge says I need to follow 10 people, but I only followed 5 so far, I would see that the badge would be 50% completed).


      Will this feature be restored?  I really need that functionality back. Thanks!!!