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    Displaying a users name in an html widget


      I am trying to re-create a feature I saw on the Pearson's homepage UI. (Neo). I want to display a username in an html widget. I can get their ID< but I want the full name. Here's what I've tried from another post, but no dice. Any ideas?


      <p>The user's username: <span id='fred1'></span></p>

      <p>The user's jive id: <span id='fred2'></span></p>

      <p>A link containing user parameters: <span id='fred3'></span></p>



      var Un = $j("img").attr(" _jive_effective_user_id");

      var UnID = _jive_effective_user_id;

      var MyUrl = "<a href='http://www.mysurvey.com/?userid=" + _jive_effective_user_id + "&username=" + Un + "'>Take the survey</a>";









      But no dice. How do I do that?