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    Best practice in overriding an apps script file?


      We're trying to make a rather minor customization to the /soy/autosearch/autosearch.soy file so that people results show phone numbers.


      I'm not sure why phoneNumbers isn't a default part of the "profile" or "jive" fields...but its not. Jive API v3.0 → osapi.jive.corev3.people.Person entity



      The autosearch.soy depends on a request generated by

      /usr/local/jive/var/www/resources/scripts/apps/autosearch/autosearch.js (which defines the Person fields returned during a search)


      which is referenced in

      nav/navbar.soy:* @depends path=/resources/scripts/apps/autosearch/autosearch.js



      The JS file needs to be updated so that the fields list include phoneNumbers as a returned field.


      Has anybody done anything like this before?


      Is the recommended approach to make a custom copy of the autosearch.js file and update the navbar.soy dependency list to point to the new copy? Is there a better approach?