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      Hi - How is it that Jive software after a few years still have different features for Andriod, iphone app, and ipad browser... can anyone tell me if these are going to be worked on ? Jive 6 Licence surely cannot be the key to sync all these up? ...iPad app on its way? Dont think that Jive 4-5+ should suffer.

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          What specifics differences are you frustrated about? There is a Android App, an iOS app and also a Blackberry App as well I believe. You have to have a mobile module in order to have the mobile page set offered to you. Then you can choose as a user if you want to use the app or the mobile page set. You can also designate for tablet users if the default page layout is mobile or desktop.

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              Hi Mark - thanks for replying...

              Well where do I start - we have a issue with the mobile module which still is not fixed.

              Okay Android you can attach pic to a discussion but the iPhone app you can't etc etc ..then don't start me on the iPad browser..Flags, Notes ... whaaat!

              Just good old fashioned consistency. I could be wrong in my points welcome anyone to let me know where I'm going wrong - and I can go back to 'Thriving on Jive' whilst punching the air in euphoria.

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                  Are you talking on your specific instance there is variance or even when you use different devices on this community? I hadn't noticed a difference but I'll take a look on my devices. We've not enabled mobile on our 6.0.X instance yet because we have SSO enabled and we're an external community. As for why the variations may exist. Having been in the Mobile industry for quite some time there are often patent wars going back and forth and sometimes functionality can be disabled based on rulings. Not sure fully to what effect that could affect 3rd party app developers but certainly it affects the OEMs and OS developers. Will get back to you on what I experience. Thanks for the additional detail. FYI I think Jive 4.5 support ends sometime this month.