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    How do the weekly updates work?


      Hi Corey Mathews, and Michelle Gantt

      I have a question from a member of my community that I need some help answering.  The question is pasted below, along with the answers I know (please verify) as well as notes about what I'm unsure of.


      I was wondering how the content is determined for the weekly email Updates?


      The email  says "Activity from the people, places, and content you are following", however I don't even know how to follow any content. [GB] You can follow content two ways - explicitly by clicking the "follow" button that appears to the right of any discussion, question, status update, person, or group (like the product discussion for pay@work for instance).  Additionally, the system will remember the content you visited and will provide updates to that content in your weekly updates [is this 100% accurate?]


      My weekly email update seemed to be a sample of the weekly posts from random people, which I loved receiving. I don't have a lot of time to spent here, but whenever I received the weekly update, I would click through all the links and read the posts and learn something new each week.


      However, I posted my first question on here 2 weeks ago, and now my last 2 weekly updates have only showed me my question as the latest activity and the content I am following. [this doesn't seem right.  should she not see any of the most recent/ popular content, as well as her own posts? Why did she see it before and not now? I was going to suggest that she ensure her notifications are up to date and turned "on", however, I dont' think notifications are linked to the content that appears in the weekly updates]


      I know there have been other posts on the community from many other people in the last 2 weeks, so how do I get that content to show up again in my weekly Bridge update? [any advice?]


      Thank you,


      as a follow up, I asked the following and this was her response.

      weekly updates question.png


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          Gina, can you have her forward to you the digests she is receiving so you can see what she's talking about? And then post screenshots here? What are you seeing in your weekly digest? Is this different than what it sounds like Colleen is receiving?

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            We have found trouble with the weekly digest in our community as well.  We are launching an external community and have had sucess getting people to sign up but if they do not know to go in actively "follow" pages their weekly digest email has nothing - which does not entice them to come into the community.  We are trying to figure out how we can at least get featured content in the weekly emai. I am so shocked Jive for external communities doesn't have a feature like this!

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                I hear ya!  It was just confirmed by someone at Jive that unless someone follows content, they won’t be served anything up in these messages.  Kind of besides the point, really and makes no sense at all.  The part that I don’t quite understand is that I visit a ton of conversations, but I don’t click on the “follow” button, and I get lots of updates in my digest.  So, it seems that simply visiting content is enough to trigger something in the alert, but I want the alerts to help stimulate visits and activity from those that don’t visit the site or haven’t logged in.

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                So interestingly, I got this message back from our member.  It basically says that she was getting updates on activity when she wasn't visiting the site.  This is actually how I'd expect/want the updates to work.  I understand the need to follow content, however, it seems that if you reply, post, or comment on something, it will appear in your updates email regardless of whether or not you actually follow it.  I don't follow every discussion I participate in, in fact I don't follow any, but I do get the updates.  Does anyone know all the actions that would result in content appearing in the weekly update?  For instance, if you like something and someone else likes it, do you get a notification of that?  How about if you bookmark something, or someone bookmarks your content?  Corey Mathews or Michelle Gantt do you know this or where I find a comprehensive explanation of how the updates work?


                Thank you so much for your help in looking into this matter. It is quite odd prior to me ever looking at anything on the site, the Weekly Bridge updates would always show me a bunch of  (seemingly) random posts/discussion that had been posted that week.


                I hadn't looked or opened them prior to receiving the weekly Bridge update. And sometimes I didn't open all of the links in the weekly update email.


                Then the next week I would receive the weekly update with all new links. Again, to discussions I had never ever looked at on the site.


                Very strange now that it seems to have changed.


                However, knowing now how the Weekly update fills its content, I will make sure to go on the site and poke around and follow some interesting discussions.


                Thank you again,

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                    I would be interested in knowing how these emails are aggregated as well.  The issue we face is that we never have an opportunity to show new content to our members if they don't poke around or especially if they do not follow pages.  Gina, the auto follow plugin I mentioned is going to cost $10,000 so are not doing it. We may instead leverage the announcement feature and just put new posts in there and push it out to membership.  The digest email says "an update on everything going on in the ocmmunity" yet that is not what it is.  It's a shame this email template doesn't work that way. 

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                        For $10K, I’m not going to do it either.  Agree that the title is misleading, but you  can change that in the email template in the admin console, and mine says “Latest Activity from the people, places, and content you are following”, though new/inexperienced users clearly don’t understand the nuance of following content or that they actually have to engage in order to trigger content in these messages.


                        I have tried to save the system announcements for really important updates, but I suppose it is one way to message everyone.

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                      I have a related question. One of our users complained that under the Latest Activity section they got links to the same posts from the e-mail digest the week before stating there was "new activity".  When I checked these threads there was in fact no new activity on them, so it is confusing why those would show up again.  Does just someone viewing the threads count as "new activity"?


                      e-mail from user:

                      do you know why I get the Community Updates mail with the same content for this week and last week ? I didn’t change anything at the content  which has already been notified last week. I would expect to get an update notification for the content only if there is a new post in case of new updates/changes.




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                          Hi Matt,

                          Did you ever find out if in fact just "viewing" the content will put it in the digest?

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                              Hi there, this is what I found out and posted to my member that asked the question.  If they don’t post content or follow it, they won’t get an update.  ☹


                              “ I've looked into it and confirmed the following.  Basically, the weekly updates will show you all the content you've interacted with over the past week, so if you don't log in at all, for instance, the weekly digest will not feature any results.  If you want to ensure that you receive digest updates, the best thing to do is to follow any discussion or question that interests you.  To follow a discussion, simply click on the discussion to open it, and to the right of the question there is a menu with follow, share, bookmark, and like.  Just click follow.  If you happen to make a post - ask a question, start a discussion, or reply to someone else's post, you will see that in your update and you don't have to explicitly follow it to see the updates.


                              So, in short, to receive weekly updates that contain updates, you need to log in to The Bridge from time to time and check out a few discussions and follow those discussions or questions that are most interesting to you. It would certainly be better if the weekly updates shared the most popular content, but right now they don't.

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                                Lindsay - I never found out.

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                              Here is what I found out from Jive Support:


                              In the attached e-mail a user is getting the exact same content in the Latest Activity section of the weekly digest every week despite that content not having any new activity.  I need an explanation of why that is, a detailed description of how content is selected to show up in the Latest Activity section each week, and all of the numbered questions below answered.


                              Here is what I know will cause content to show up:

                              • Any content you create
                              • Any content you reply/comment
                              • Any content you explicitly follow via the "Follow" button


                              Please let me know any and all other criteria used that puts content in the e-mail under Latest Activity.


                              -------Response from Support---------

                              Digest emails are driven by a user's activity and following. The idea behind this is that it will provide custom tailored email digests to each user instead of a blanket message that some users may not be interested in. Specifically, the Latest Activity section of the digest email is driven by the people, places, and content that the user is following. This section is driven by the following section of the email message template:

                              Latest Activity from the people, places, and content you are following

                                  <#list digestActivityBeans as digestActivity>

                                      <#if digestActivity.activityContainerViewBean?? && digestActivity.activityContainerViewBean.jiveObject??>

                                          <#if (digestActivity.activityContainerViewBean.jiveObject.objectType == statics["com.jivesoftware.eae.constants.ActivityConstants"].SOCIAL_NEWS)>

                              * Social News:

                                          <#elseif (digestActivity.activityContainerViewBean.jiveObject.objectType == statics["com.jivesoftware.eae.constants.ActivityConstants"].LATEST_LIKES)>

                              * Latest Likes:

                                          <#elseif (digestActivity.activityContainerViewBean.jiveObject.objectType == statics["com.jivesoftware.eae.constants.ActivityConstants"].EAE_ACCLAIM)>

                              * Latest Acclaim:


                              * ${digestActivity.activityContainerViewBean.jiveObject.plainSubject!""} [${jiveURL}${digestActivity.activityContainerViewBean.jiveObject.jiveObjectURL!""}]

                                 new activity by <#list digestActivity.uniqueUsers as user><#if (user_index > 0)>, </#if><#if (user_index == 5)>and more<#break/></#if>${user.displayName} [${jiveURL}/people/${user.username}]</#list>





                              The downside to this is that users who are not actively engaged in the Jive community can end up with pretty stale email digests as you have noticed


                              In regards to your numbered questions:

                              1. Does just viewing content but not interacting with it put it in the digest?

                              No. Users will have to post or follow items to have them added to the digest.

                              2.  Is there a timeout period where something will no longer show up?

                              I do not believe so.

                              3.   If something you are following is not updated why does it continue to show up?  Does someone else viewing that content count as activity?

                              The email digest template simply goes and grabs all the latest activity from the people, places, and content that the user is following. If that activity is the same from the last digest it simply grabs it again. There is not a check to make sure that it is new activity.

                              4.   Do the same pieces of content hang around forever until they are replaced with other more recently followed content? Like the last 10 items you follow show  in a circular buffer based on the date you interacted or followed it?

                              Yes, but with one caveat. If the content, people, and places that the user are following are creating new content this will show up in the digest email as well.

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                                Hi Gina,


                                We have a private external community for our customers (pharmacists), currently running 5.0.2.  We've manually modified our digest message template: adding a three box row across the top where we insert photos and links to curated content we want to feature (and we include Google analytics campaign tags with each); removed the status update item (most of our members don't utilize status updates); manually manage the Tips & Tricks at the bottom with content we've published in an About This Community space (we found that occasionally the auto-generated tips from Jive were promoting things that we've disabled in our config).  In the middle of the digest we use the Jive scripts for Latest Activity and Your Content.


                                We follow the default for the weekly sends; they go out every Thursday morning at 9:00 PT. We monitor the incoming traffic using Google's real-time analytics.


                                Here's a screen shot of the top of our digest:

                                Weekly digest header 5-30-2013.jpg

                                These modifications have given us more control over the digests and our members get more value out of them each week, regardless of what they're following.

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                                    Hi Chris,

                                    Thanks for telling us about how you are utilizing the weekly digests - this is a great idea.  We have talked to jive many times about editing this feature because unless our members are actively following spaces they are not getting any relavant information in this digest nor are we enticing them to see other pieces of content.  Did you have a programmer at jive create this or did you do it in-house?  Did you just manipulate the weekly digest template?

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                                        Hi Lindsay,


                                        We did the modifications in-house.  We inserted a block of code at the top of the digest template and created a corresponding image repository where we can swap out the images by simply modifying the image name at the end of the string; we standardized the size of the images at 200x115.  The other weekly modifications are swapping out the content URLs and adjusting date component in our Google campaign tags. The Tips & Tricks at the bottom is a simple edit of the existing (Jive) HTML.


                                        Once we got this set up, the time required to make the weekly modifications is minimal and the return we get is impressive.

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                                            For the digests, is there a way to sort the activities? for example, by date or by user then by date?


                                            Also, can you add the date that the activity occurred? what would the token be?




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                                              Chris Ewald, could you please provide some of the HTML text you're using? (Feel free to XXXXX out any specific directory information.) It sounds very useful.


                                              I've been editing our templates manually for months now, and I think it's been received well, though it's hard to tell. I think our community is much like yours: external, but private/moderated entry, and they don't all go in and "follow" things, and no one cares about their status updates. I think many come in for a look around, then they get tired of see in the same old static Digest, aside from the notes I provide at the top of the email.


                                              In addition to providing curated content, I'd like to be able to automatically provide lists of Unanswered Questions. As an admin, I receive a daily email alert with the subject line "Email Alert for Unanswered Discussion Questions"; these are questions that have been lingering for more than an admin-set duration without being resolved. I don't know what the template is for this is called; if I did, I'd love to copy its contents and paste it in to our weekly digest so everyone can see the questions that need to be addressed. Do you know what that template is?


                                              Thanks. - Josh

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                                            This layout looks really customized and proper, Chris. Would you be able to share the HTML code for how to created the three content buckets on top and customized the header of the message? Thank you so much.