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    Who is Jive's typical community Mgr

      Hi - i'm really interested in this based on the level of customer service, level of participation within the community AND technical wizardry I've been expected to know or communicate in.

      If there is any docs please let me know ..but this question goes to Jive -


      Can you define your customer?

      Have you worked on a review of who is your community manager?

      Have you built a relationship - taken info - got to know your customers?

      Do you know what the basic skills set is?


      Age - M/F

      aware of other social platforms

      involvement on plugins/ developer /engineer side

      past roles

      Aims for Jive within their business

      If they are working with a team to promote Jive


      Have you got statics ? What is the % of Jive customers from entrepreneurs / consultants/ IT on the community v Community Managers and Advocates

      Who are you communicating to within your own community?


      As I for one would like to know who the audience is! Or benchmark my company and skills against the 'norm'