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    Jive API


      Hi ,


      We are previously using Jive API v2 in our dot net application by giving reference of Dll /service and get User photo , Avatar etc .


      As now API v2 are not available so we want to use API  V3 but where we get this Dll / service so that we can give reference in our application .


      Thanks .

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          umesh chape,

          Would you explain what you mean when you state, "now API V2 are not available...."

          The V2 APIs are available and should still work. The intent is that we'd carry forward support for them even though we introduced a new, more complete API. This is intended to help you migrate at the pace you can manage.

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              Hi umesh chape

              If i have understood it correctly, you are using a jive 6 application and trying to call the api from your DotNet app.

              If this is correct, then api v2 is not available. you have to use v2.

              If you are using a jive application version below 6, then you should be able to use v2.


              Mark Weitzel, The v2 apis are used by jive in jive 6, but they are not available to outside world.

              If we try accessing them for our custom plugins or some third party tries to call them, access is forbidden for this v2 api.

              If i am not wrong, from jive 6 onwards it is mandatory not to use v2. we have to use v3.

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                Hi Mark ,


                There are 2 reason behind the my statement that "API v2 are not found "


                1) When I click on API host link ( which is working with previous version )  I am getting the message that "No service found "

                2) I communicated with Jive and Andrew Greene confirm the above statement that " v2 API is not available in Jive 6," .


                Thanks .

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                    Please provide a specific link for what you call "API host link".  I suspect that what you are actually talking about is one of the old legacy web services (which would have "/rpc/rest" or "/rpc/soap" in the URL some place), which were indeed removed in Jive 6, but we need to see a sample URL to confirm this.


                    Core API V2 (which would include "/api/core/v2" in the URL) is available in Jive 5, Jive 6, and the (upcoming) Jive 7, as well as in the cloud version.


                    Core API V3 (which would include "/api/core/v3" in the URL) is available in Jive 6 and the (upcoming) Jive 7, as well as in the cloud version.