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    Widget Ajax call also reloading welcome-dynamic.jspa

    Scott A Johnson

      Hi I'm developing a widget to display the "participated" content on the overview page. I've reused as much of the current soy templates as possible but making a modified copy of work.soy to not display some contextually unnecessary navigation.


      The widget displays the content properly, however the filter controls at the top have a strange behavior. After initially loading the overview page, the first time I click one of the filter links, the displayed content it filtered for a brief moment, then is refreshed back to the previous unfiltered view. Subsequent clicks act as expected and only the ajax call is made and data is filtered properly.


      I've investigated in chrome developer tools and have seen that it actually sends two requests to the server: 1) the appropriate ajax call to get filtered content 2) a call to welcome-dynamic.jspa which loads the original content.


      Does anyone have an idea of why this second action is being bound the first time the page loads?