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    How are your Legal teams using Jive?


      My team and I are planning a 2 hour workshop with our Legal department to help get them on board and how to work in new ways. Besides showing them how they can decrease email, quickly find what the need and other quick wins, what are some other compelling examples. Their main concern is about sharing sensitive data so we'll take some time to discuss the security settings of our instance.


      How are you and you teams handling groups that are showing some resistance? How were you able to convince your Legal team? What approach did you take? Key learnings?

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          Jill Ross

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            To date, the answer is pretty simple - they aren't. However, they are now making a bit of an effort to set up an area where they can post some guidance. Their big concern is about discoverability, and so far that has meant they really didn't want to engage. They want phone calls.

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              We identified a few business cases for our legal team, perhaps the examples below might resonate.


              - The global team needed a collaboration workspace to share meeting agendas, minutes, and outcomes of regularly scheduled calls between the team.  Solution:  A secret group was created and is managed by one of the paralegals on the team.  Meeting notes, agendas, and follow-up documentation is all published in this group.  There is a Q&A area for members of the team to put forward questions to the entire team and executive level counsel for feedback.   Key win:  Training the team to use @ mentions and tagging in the notes and agendas so that members were notified actively about the threads or documents, otherwise participation was fairly minimal before.  Tip:  Find the advocate on the team that is willing to manage a group in this nature, get buy-in from someone senior on the team.


              - We have official, published documentation on contracts and standard work orders that are not updated as frequently as some of the agreements that would be used in our sales cycle.  These were identified as "routinely asked questions or requests for documentation to the legal team by employees" and not surprisingly, we had about 2 dozen different types of common requests/questions that would hit the team.   Solution:  We created a very basic space which holds the final, published template for the documentation that is most requested.  We also created an area for all employees to be able to ask the legal team questions openly, but most times it is resolved on the phone or in another manner.  The point is that the follow-up is generally something we try to encourage the original poster/requestor to do on the thread and when it works really well, it is resolved by a legal team member in the space.  Key win:  Since most legal teams deal in volume, we wanted to make sure we hit the largest number of requests going into the team and put those out there first.  Now they are responding to more urgent or time-sensitive requests in person or on the phone and the self-service option is giving them more opportunity and time to connect with their customers.  Tip:  Same as the above, need to make sure you have an advocate in the team and someone that gets it, to be able to regularly update the published information and always make sure it is current, as well as moderate/answer questions from employees.


              - We found that employees weren't sure WHO to contact within legal about specific issues or who had the expertise that was needed to provide guidance and participate in the discovery.  It was important to show the value to the legal team about updating profiles and also creating a wiki/widget that shows who is on the team, their area of expertise, best way to contact them.  We wanted to get the right people at the right time.



              Hope this helps...