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    How to debug REST Webservices call


      Hi there -


      We are attempting to implement a process whereby we can create a Jive document based on content in our Salesforce.com CRM tool using the Jive Rest API.  We are using 2 calls - the first is to lookup the User ID based on email, using the following endpoint:




      I was able to make this work both with the Firefox RESTClient plugin, and with Salesforce.com APEX code, so we have gotten over the hurdles of making sure the servers talk to one another, the authentication is right, Jive is setup correctly to accept webservices, etc, as well as the nuts and bolts of issuing the REST request through SFDC.


      The 2nd call is to actually create the document, using the following endpoint:




      I am able to get this to work via Firefox and the RESTClient, but when I attempt to call it from Salesforce.com using the exact same payload, I consistently get a 500 - internal server error.  Obviously there is some issue with the way that I (or Salesforce) am calling it, but I don't currently have any more detailed error info to go off of other than 500 - internal server error.  I checked the logs from the server as well and couldn't find any correlating error messages there.


      Is there somewhere I can go to get more information so that I can take this troubleshooting to the next stage?  The key differences between the 1st call and the 2nd call are that the method is different (POST vs. GET) and we have a payload with the document call, but I can't seem to narrow this down any further at this time.



      Scott B.