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    Mixed Content Behavior - Changes in Jive 6?


      I've noticed a change in how Jive 6 handles mixed content.  In Jive 4.x, if we had embedded an image from the Web with a non-SSL(src=h t t p:) reference, all browsers would display a security warning (depending on security settings) e.g. in IE8 the infamous prompt:  We also got the warning with any videos.



      (if you're still using IE8, you'll probably see the warning on this page because of this image).


      In Jive 6, with both IE9 and Chrome I'm not getting any warning, but it appears that anyone with IE8 or earlier is being prompted.


      Because desktop environments are so different, I'd like to know if anyone else is seeing the same thing - a warning in IE8, nothing in IE9 or Chrome.  I suspect Jive is doing something to detect the browser and prevent the warning in those browsers, but wasn't able to do so with earlier versions of IE.


      Assuming I’m right that Jive is suppressing the warning, we also need some way of testing pages if all we have is IE9 or Chrome. 


      I tried using the Developer toolbar in IE (press F12 to show the toolbar).  It lets you select different compatibility modes but none of them are triggering the mixed content warning.