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    Help me create and upload a new .ftl template to my theme please.


      Can anyone help me create a new .ftl template for a custom widget? Our PS team created a custom widget for us with three buttons  (post a discussion/ ask a question - upload a file - view members. I want to create a variation of that same template with just the discussion / question button but I'm not sure how to create a new .ftl template. I click "create new template but get this error The template you requested doesn't exist

      Here is a link to a page with the widget:

      Space: Education and Child Care | Penn Foster Student Community

      It looks like this:



      I want to create a variation of it with just this one button


      Went to admin panel --> System --> Settings --> Themes Clicked on the pencil edit button. Now what? I don't want to replace this .ftl file (   /template/pf/academic-groups/cta.ftl)  I want to create a new one based on this template.