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    Questions related to Following a document.



      1. When a user comments on a document, Is he/she automatically added as a follower of the document?

      2. If yes, Is there a way to disable the behavior? (i.e the user should be following the document, only when he/she selects Follow)


      (Using jive version : Jive SBS




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          It appears that when you comment on a doc, any modifications that are made, other comments etc. will be delivered to your Inbox. So, yes, you would be following this to be delivered to your inbox. I'm not aware of a way to disable this, but will ask.

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              Thanks Mark.


              Here is what we are doing to not auto-follow the document on a comment.

              1. Get the Communications stream id for the user. (V3 API - /people/{personID}/streams)

              2. Delete the association for the document from the stream. (V3 API - /streams/{streamID}/associations/{objectType}/{objectID})


                   Note : {streamID} -specify the "communications" stream id from step 1.

                             For the {objectType} we need to specify "documents" (which is not very clear from the API documentation.)         

                             {objectID} we need to specify document id.