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    Can you search content of a sub-space?




      I just setup some sub-spaces so that I could partition out my discussions/blog posts.  The problem I'm finding is that it appears that the search (box containing "type to filter by text") doesn't appear to work.  I thought I saw some threads on the support community about searching not working for sub-spaces but I find that hard to believe because:


      1. Why would you not be able to search a sub-space?

      2. Why would there be a search box in the Content section of the sub-space if you cannot search it?


      Can someone help me resolve this issue?  I'm using version


      Also, is there any documentation that describes what the common layout of a Jive site is?  For example, do people usually group content in categories?  In sub-spaces?  When do you use sub-spaces and when do you use categories?


      Thank you,