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    Problems Adding a Profile Image using JIVE REST services

      Hi to everyone, i am trying to upload a profile image to my JIVE instance by following the examples in Jive REST API v3.3 → Person entity, focused on this part of the document:



      i have read that it has to be a multypart body "Upload an image as a multipart/form-data request body, store it as a temporary image, and return a 201 (Created) status with a Location header that specifies the absolute URL of this temporary image." so i first tried this way to upload an image resource (http://www.eida.com/jivesoftware.jpg) and got this error:


      INFO: I/O exception (java.io.FileNotFoundException) caught when processing request: http:\ext.uat.hosted.jivesoftware.com\api\core\v3\profileImages\temporary (file name, dir name or volume tag are not correct)


      then just to be sure i tried doing a normal postrequest like the ones needed to upload a document attached to a publication, no multypart form: so i sent this JSON message: {"file":"http://www.eida.com/jivesoftware.jpg","fileName":"jivesoftware.jpg","fileType":"image/jpg"} to the same URL http://ext.uat.hosted.jivesoftware.com/api/core/v3/profileImages/temporary and got this error: HTTP/1.1 415 Unsupported Media Type


      i want to ad that this JIVE instances had let me made publications with attachments and the creation of Persons(users) via REST services, still not sure if i had to make some additional configuration to the instances, what i am missing? any ideas LG . , Nils Heuer or someone else...hope can help me!


      Thanks a lot for your time!