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    Cannot Access Jive API using JSONP from a different domain ..Can you suggest any ideas ?

      I am trying to surface Jive recent activity feed in our intranet website using the JIVE API https://mydomain.com/api/core/v2/activity?parameters. I can get the activity feed in JSON format if I run the URL from a browser. Now trying to do the same from a different domain (that's where our intranet site is)  I get Access-Control-Allow-Origin error.

      Hence I tried to using JSONP with no success.


      After searching the various blogs I came across this discussion which states JSONP is not supported by Jive APIs. Looks like this conversation has been going on since 2011.. https://developers.jivesoftware.com/community/thread/2153 


      I understand why Jive is doing this. Are there any other alternatives for folks who multiple domains ?