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    Jive 6 - What's New Features

      The following is an outline of the new features introduced in Jive 6.  Could you share the feed

      Was there another feature that you were interested in?

      What would be more useful ... feature descriptions or screenshots.  Leaning towards screenshots.

      Any other comments that make sense her


      What's New in Jive 6


      • Getting Started
      • Custom Attention Streams
      • Jive Find
      • Focused User Experience
      • !App Experiences
      • Jive Anywhere (+ Cartridges)
      • A New Way to Theme
      • Customer Service Module
      • New and Improved Jive for Mobile (iPad, iPhone, ...)
      • Updated V3 API


      For more features see:


      TODO: Link to Presentation of Each Feature or Possibly to a WebCast