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    Jive 6 - Communication Plan Overview

      Looking at the Jive 5 example:

      Sample Communication Plan - Jive 5 Upgrade

      We wanted to consolidate this example to be a bit more digestible and focus on the inputs and cadence.  Below is a communication cadence that is recommended, but I would love to hear what you guys have done (or plan to do).  Is this overkill? not enough?  What would you do different?


      • 30 Days Before Launch - Executive Team Meeting
        • Purpose:  Upstream Communication
      • 25 Days Before Launch - Company Leaders Meeting
        • Purpose: Upstream Communication
      • 20 Days Before Launch - Power Users / Advocates Meeting
        • Purpose: Build/Empower Advocate Base
      • 15 Days Before Launch - All
        • Purpose: Upcoming Upgrade Schedule (include Dates)
      • 10 Days Before Launch - All
        • Purpose: New Features + Highlight Best Practices #1
      • 5 Days Before Launch - All
        • Purpose: New Features + Highlight Best Practices #2
      • 1 Day Before Launch - All
        • Purpose: Upgrade Time Confirmation w/Duration + Impact
      • Launch Day - All
        • Purpose: Introduction
      • 1 Day Post Launch - All
        • Purpose: New Features + Best Practices #3
      • 2 Days Post Launch - All
        • Purpose: New Features + Best Practices #4
      • 5 Days Post Launch - All
        • Purpose: Common Support Answers / Best Practices Responses #1
      • 15 Days Post Launch - All
        • Purpose: Common Support Answers / Best Practices Responses #2
      • 25 Days Before Launch - Company Leaders Meeting
        • Purpose: Report stats on adoption, remaining issues, and impact to organizations
      • 30 Days Post Launch - Executive Team Meeting
        • Purpose:  Report stats on adoption, remaining issues, and impact to enterprise
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          From my perspective, this is overkill. I'm less than 30 days out and doing testing. I'll probably start talking to people 2 weeks out, and in a much less formal manner. And if at least a couple of the items in the list had some samples of what one might want to focus on or how to deliver the items, that would be great. Not that we can't all figure it out, but sometimes another perspective can be invaluable. Something I might not have noticed might surface, or a use case I hadn't thought of gets mentioned. Even if it just validates what I had planned, that is helpful and stress reducing.

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            For us, when we upgraded to v5 a year ago, we focused more on the power user testing before launch. This really helped us to see what people had the most concerns/questions with and allowed time to develop tutorials and understand the right language to use when doing upgrade communications.


            Unfortunately, we don't have a ton of involvement with our senior leadership team (they don't use it much) so we focused our time on the front line users who actually use the system. Prior to launch we did a video that gave a sneak peek into what was coming, including new capabilities and fun features our employees had requested in the past.


            After the launch we didn't do a TON of daily follow ups/best practices, but we did do a series of scattered emails sent out to user groups and hosted some WebEx sessions for Q&A, and many blogs and tutorials in our Getting Started site. Overall, we didn't have a ton of questions about everything and went pretty smooth.


            Our constant big question/complaint is how to get the right amount of email notifications. Thats the big thing i'm concerned about w/the upgrade to 6 and how to communicate the changes since we JUST seem to have gotten people comfortable with v5 settings.

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              Dennis Pearce

              Our system admin/community managers (Laura Becraft and myself) are in IT, but we have a routine monthly meeting with our Corporate Communications people and one of our change management specialists to discuss collaboration strategy on an ongoing basis.  For the upgrade we switched to weekly meetings about two months prior to launch.  Some of the steps we took:


              • We are hosted, so we got Jive to set up the new environment in late February but didn't go live until the end of March.  This gave us an opportunity to understand the new features (some of which aren't documented or poorly documented), capture screen shots, and get some key power users in to get comfortable and also verify that their particular spaces were in good working order.  We also had to tweak a few home pages because a couple of the old widgets were either eliminated or modified in ways that adversely impacted the page.

              • We are only about a year into this and 5.0 was our first version, so this is our first upgrade.  We received a lot of training documents and video with 5.0 but didn't see anywhere near that amount available for 6.0.  We have a space with a lot of that material in it for our employees to use for self-help, so Laura took the Jive 6 documentation and broke it down into individual pages to match as closely as possible the 5.0 training docs we had.  Then during the launch weekend we switched out the old ones and put in the new ones.

              • We watched Ted Hopton's Jiveworld 2012 presentation and stole his idea of having a countdown.  We started about 2 weeks before launch and changed the banner every day to indicate how many days until the upgrade.

              • We didn't try to cover every change in our training and communications but focused on the ones we though might cause the most confusion, which were mainly UI-related -- the new custom activity streams and changes to the search, which included removing the history and bookmark buttons.  We had also commissioned Jive to create a multiple file upload plugin for us and we wanted the Quicklinks plugin, so we used the upgrade opportunity to include those features and combined them all together in our documentation and training.  We also looked at what the biggest user complaints had been (in our case "I have a hard time finding things" and "I'm overwhelmed by all the activity") and tied these new features to them in communications as a way to frame them as not just new cool stuff but addressing user concerns.

              • On launch day, our Corp Com posted a story about the new features with links to a schedule of training sessions that I set up.  Some of them were local classroom sessions and some were late night or early morning webexes to cover our EMEA and AP employees.

              • I ran the training sessions but they were pretty lightly attended and we didn't get too many questions in the weeks following the upgrade, so I'm hoping it's because the changes were intuitive and the self-help information was adequate.