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    Jive 6 - Training

      What training materials are you creating in addition to the videos, in-app experiences, and difference documents?

      Would it make sense for Jive to do those trainings, or is it specific to your enterprise (i.e. branded or process specific).

      Jive Training: Intro to Jive

      Jive Training: Creating and Editing Your profile

      Jive Training: Finding and connecting with people

      Jive Training: Finding and following places

      Jive Training: Finding and following content

      Jive Training: Creating a status update

      Jive Training: Starting a discussion

      Jive Training: Creating a document


      For more videos and information about future video releases:


      In-App Experiences:


      What's Different


      Feeling like something was left out?  Share your thoughts in the Jive Training community:


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          We would (and will) definitely be creating our own specific training content using our branding and theme, but it would certainly be useful to have a baseline of training content to reference.  We plan to have an organized training library with content laid out by feature, use case, best practices, and role.  Some will be quick screenshare videos, some will be documents with screenshots, and some will be more fun animated videos.  

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            We have three modules our learning groups help me re-publish each time we upgrade.  One is one conceptually what is Engage, how it fits with corporate objectives, & WIIFM.  One is on using the system as a general member.  There's no way to copy/past the outline so here's some screenshots where the outline of what's covered is on the left.





            We are upgrading in September & I used the differences from 5.0 to 6.0 doc and my experience with the JC to figure out most of what will need to be updated.  I also know that we request our upgrade environment several months before we even plan to have the first data migrations done.  I invite advocates in, as well as random volunteers so they help tell me what's unclear in advance.  I also use this time to get screenshots for the the formal tutorials & figure out how stuff works myself.


            We also have one for group owners that covers the role, planning & seeding groups, rekindling dead groups basically by re-seeding & working the back channel, and group admin functions.


            Then we have tons of PPT / collaborative docs because many our colleagues outside of North America let us know they really like written / screenshot material better than video because it's easier to follow the English.  I start with the tutorials though because everything I update is just reinforcing what's already covered in one of these three tutorials.