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    Jive 6 - Resources & FAQ

      This section is meant as a living curation section of all assets that get created for in the JC that are relevant to the Jive 6 upgrade.

      What would you want added here?




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      • "Email Watches" Stream FAQ Section


      I would like to break the FAQ into sections, could you share some of your more common FAQ so I can get a sampling to create some logical sections?  Obviously, some sections that come to mind are "Rollout", "Customization", "Training", etc...

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          Thanks for setting this whole group up!  I am really looking forward to using this fantastic resource.


          A great addition would be a high level overview of major differences between versions.  For example, we are about to upgrade from 4.5 to 6 and there are some significant changes coming.  Being able to outline them, even just by listing them out, would be a valuable asset for Community Managers, trainers, and users alike.

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            Ryan, in addition to the videos that are posted, I feel like the key new features should have short videos, or nice plain English descriptions dedicated to them (i.e. separate from a lengthy "this is the entirety of the new release" doc). They could be simple - a clip from a customer webinar held by the product team. Or it could be something more professional, targeted at an enduser audience.


            Some features are just really difficult to understand or even notice without being hit in the face. For example, though I sat through a couple webinars, I still don't understand the "case deflection" stuff. Is this OOTB? Is it a new module or an update to an existing one? If I don't get it, there is no hope of my users getting it. Or I'll have one or two really bright ones who will, and who will proceed to make me feel like a dope. Plus, in this very specific case, I suspect I might personally be able to make use of the feature to help users better work in Jive.