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    Jive 6 - Upgrade Best Practices

      This section is going to be broken up based off a few ideas:

      • Best Practices that we (as practitioners) use to achieve success with any upgrade
      • Best Practices that we learned as a result of the Jive 6 upgrade
      • General questions that might be best answered by proactive best practice knowledge? 
        • What type of best practices would you like to see?  Technical? Business? Etc?
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          Dennis Pearce

          One area to improve on in the next upgrade is maintaining admin console settings.  When we upgraded from 5 to 6 we were under the impression that Jive would replicate the settings we had in our old version but it ended up being sort of hit or miss.  For example, we allow users to create open and members only groups on their own but only admins can create private or secret.  But this was turned off and so of course Day 1 of the new version we had a couple of users jump in and create secret groups before we discovered the problem.


          For our part we should have written down the key settings and maybe had a checklist of them to go through before going live, but we thought everything would just be copied over.  Since the upgrade process for us (hosted) involves Jive creating a parallel environment and then redirecting the url, we thought we could get into the old environment after upgrade to compare the settings but that was not possible either.


          So for Jive, setting some expectations as to what to expect the environment to look like after upgrade would be helpful, as well as a way to get back into the previous environment for some limited time after upgrade.  For customers, developing a checklist of items to test and verify is something we will definitely do next time.  Maybe Jive could even offer a standard checklist as a template.

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              Dennis, wanted to let you know that I read your remarks earlier in the week and shared that with Engineering and our Tech Ops team.  Not sure if the issue is process related or product, but have taken the feedback.  I agree with your sentiments that if the setting was there before, it should be there after.  Thanks for the feedback! =)  There's definite value in paying attention to the detail here, and I think there is a good best practice there.  Will try to narrow it in a bit to discount any process/product mishaps that might have occurred. =)

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                I know we had issues with our very first upgrade long ago so we keep a document in our customer group called the Alcatel-Lucent runbook.  When we request upgrades we refer to it as part of the expected scope of work & it's a table of every configuration we can think of we've changed or anything like custom status level images that have to be put back with links to any case that was involved.  Some items support/hosting takes care of & some we do ourselves.  It's been a really effective system for us such that our last upgrade I don't believe anything was amiss afterwards.

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                Per Gary Williams


                The user feedback so far has been positive.  We were going from 5 to 6 so it wasn't a huge change from a UX perspective so we positioned it as a release to bring improvements across the board.  The key new feature we promoted was the custom activity streams.  I don't know how many people have set them up yet but people like the idea of being able to further carve up their interests. Another thing we did was create a simple page with quick hits of some of the new features....stuff like where's history, what happened with points (we enabled Gamification in this release)  Now of course like any with any upgrade there have been some bugs but fingers crossed they haven't had too much impact on the users and we're working on getting them fixed with support.
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                    Dennis Pearce

                    One thing many of our users like about custom activity streams might not be obvious.  In 5.0, they liked the idea of making labels to use as mailing lists for sharing and messaging but didn't like the fact that they had to follow all those people first, because in many cases their mailing lists were 50 or 100 people who weren't that important and just cluttered up their activity streams.


                    But in 6.0, we've shown them that they can create a "throw-away" stream to contain all those people who they don't really want to follow but need to for the sake of their labels.  They never have to look at that stream, just the ones they are really interested in.

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                    My absolute, number one, Best Jive best practice has been approaching training, marketing, and communications on the idea that its not just 'How does the platform work,' it's 'How does the platform work for you.'


                    Social platforms, especially one as robust and feature-ful as Jive, are not one-size-fits-all solutions. The blog, for example, is just a venue for information and how you use it will differ among groups and teams.  The blog could be insights from senior leaders or product updates or meeting notes.  My most valuable role as the community manager has been to help people strategize how they work today, how they can work more efficiently and effectively on the social platform, and which features they can use to do it.


                    THis personalized approach helps individuals and teams understand the idea of social business in context of the way they work, and helps them adopt the tool into their daily workflows.  It also makes them feel appreciated.  The tool is for their benefit; it's not just another technological initiative that is being thrown at them as tech for tech's sake. It's the Swiss Army knife of technology, the salt of spices, the ketchup of condiments; in almost every case, you can find a valuable use for it. And when you bring the tool to people's desks in the context of their needs, they will see the use for it much more clearly.



                    This became more of a diatribe than I meant it to be, do I'm going to repost it on the Internal Community Managers group as well.