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    How are you handling Disabled User counts for User Engagement reports?

      We have the default setting that causes a user to be set to DISABLE when they haven't visited the Community in one year. I also attempt to manually disable users that have left the company (employees) and I'm working on a process to manually disable community members that are no longer customers. The CMR counts for Total Users and Registered Users seems to include these Disabled Users. A few questions come to mind...


      How do other Community Managers think about Disabled users? Are they part of your total counts? Do you try to do 'off chart' adjustments?


      I tend to think about the User Engagement levels as percentages and think that our Disabled users shouldn't be part of our total user counts (the denominator in our percentage calculations).  I end up calculating the percentage of Active, Participating, Contributing with an eye to keeping those percentages within a 'healthy' range. While absolute counts are interesting, if my Active user count is growing at a slower rate than my Total/ Registered Users (these are the same for our community) then the engagement of my Community is likely decreasing.