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    Benchmarking Community Non-Active Member Expiration


      Hi folks,


      I'm currently benchmarking best practices for expiring non-active members as there doesn't seem to be an industry standard.


      Jive system default is to expire non actives after 1 calendar year.


      I spoke to another community manager who's community revised their instance to expire after 1.5 years of inactivity.


      I would love to have a good average of when other communities expire their non actives.


      • 1 year
      • 1.5 years
      • 2 years
      • Other


      Feel free to respond to this thread or PM me and thanks for your time!

        • Re: Benchmarking Community Non-Active Member Expiration

          At this point for our External/Private customer community, we have Jive setup to the default of 1 year. Our customer portal (which is the IDP in our SSO setup to Jive) sets users to Inactive after 6 months. I'm working on some analysis to see if users are remaining active in our portal (which is used to order products from us) but going to Inactive/Disable in Community. If so, then we are going to work on a campaign to try to get them re-engaged in Community.

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