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    Why can't I embed a video with "Create a video"?


      If I want to post a video to our community, and I look at the Actions widget (Jive, the first thing I'd think of using is "Create a video". Yet if I do that, then I can only browse around on my computer for a video - I can't embed a YouTube video this way, since there's no "From the Web" option here.


      So instead if I want to share this video, I need to "Create a Discussion", even though this isn't a discussion - it's just a post that we hope people will find useful. And if we do that, I think the discussion gets a little "word bubble" graphic instead of the "video/film" graphic that we'd like to us to show there's a video there.


      Am I missing something?


      I looked through the jive 6.0 Community User Help on the topic, and it was particularly unhelpful. It describes in detail how to embed videos into the content editor, or what file types you can upload, but it does not answer the much more basic question:

      "Do I click 'start a discussion', 'Upload a file', or 'Create a video'?"


      I would appreciate help if I am mistaken. Thanks.


      - Josh