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    Call for Ideas: What is your most helpful Jive upgrade best practice?

    Ryan Rutan

      As we look to publish an streamlined upgrade guide for Jive 6, I wanted to see if there are any best practices that our customers follow when they do their upgrades.


      It could range anywhere from:

      • Training
      • Release Schedules
      • Communication
      • Execution
      • Buy-In
      • or more...


      Any thoughts you'd be willing to share and possibly be referenced in the community guide would be greatly appreciated. =)

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          To date, we've always done a series of road trips to help promote and get our users on board. Ted and I both work from home, so we head to a variety of offices, and schedule on-site training. The times this works well is in a cohesive office with a good office manager or other leader who can coordinate and rally the troops. Offices that aren't cohesive (i.e. like to do things together) and/or who expect you as the trainer to organize everything are generally not good targets for this in-person approach.


          This is a really busy year, and so I'm not sure how well that is going to work. I'm hoping we can build up our local community manager presence to help with this in the future, but at the moment that is a struggle.

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            Part of our plan is to utilize the members of our internal champion program and create something similar to what Jive has done in a video that introduces the new features of Jive 6 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jOuewEhfbQ&feature=player_embedded). They are really excited about it!


            Other than that, we have never done an upgrade before so we are all ears to hear what others have done!

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              Erin Haines

              I think the versions you are updating to & from can affect how you communicate, train, etc. for a community upgrade (for example upgrading from 4.5>6 vs 5.x>6)


              When we upgraded our community from 4.5>5.x, we did a BIG communications and training push starting a couple months out. This included a global "Inspired by What Matters" teaser campaign following a structure and cadence similar to the Jive 5 Upgrade Planning docs provided. We really were pushing to get awareness and buy-in for the upgrade, and get our users comfortable with the new UI, features and changes (loss of features  like 'Your View') communications designed for specific groups of users (executive, different disciplines, teams etc.). 


              However, when we recently we upgraded from 5.x>6.x we toned down our upgrade communications, training etc. The This time around, we created a few simple announcements that the upgrade was coming (less focus on the 'why' more on 'this is happening here's what you need to know') along with only a few focused blog posts in our community just prior to the upgrade that focused on specific things that were changing, that we knew would 'matter most' to our users (previous upgrade experience helped to narrow this down) There were not formal training sessions scheduled this time, and we encouraged everyone to post questions in the Help Space (of which there was only a few post upgrade).