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    What's New in the Jive Platform - Jive Software

      Jive’s Spring 2013 Release - Jive Software

      Find out what new in the Jive Social Business Platform as of October, 2012.


      The Triumph of Business Over Busyness

      Put an end to busy work and accelerate the real work. Dispense with the overhead and get straight to results. Give your employees the tools they need to excel at their jobs, however and wherever they work best. Whatever way you define productivity, Jive’s latest cloud release is a big deal.

      Work with a Purpose

      Drive tangible business outcomes, faster than ever. Jive’s Purposeful Places bring together all the people and tools you need to do the job – whether you’re launching a marketing campaign, closing a big sale or aligning your workforce around a new initiative. As you collaborate, Jive Structured Outcomes help you turn conversation into meaningful action.

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      Seamlessly Social

      Bring the power of social business to all your systems, apps and activities. Combine best-in-class collaboration with best-of-breed content sharing. Pull data from your enterprise systems or any web-based application and share it in Jive, where everyone can see and act on it.

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      what's new: mobile

      Seamlessly Mobile

      Go beyond reading and syncing. With Jive’s gorgeous new native mobile apps, you can create and contribute – right from your iPad or iPhone. And you can design your own custom apps with our new mobile SDK. Either way, you get all the power of Jive at your fingertips.

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      Know Your Impact

      Analytics shouldn’t be for analysts alone. Introducing performance-enhancing metrics for everyone. Jive’s new Impact Metrics let every user measure their effectiveness, assess their reach and improve their communications for better results.

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      Spread the world among your prospects.

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