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    Do regular actions still award points with gamification module?


      I was assuming that generic actions like creating a document, updating status, and all of the existing actions that earn points in vanilla jive5 would still earn points with the gamification module. However, I don't seem to be getting points unless I do a mission with a badge tied to it.


      So this leads me to believe that the ONLY way points are awared are through completing missions (and earning badges). If thats true, my question is, how can I easily add back in the ability to earn points and NOT earn badges. Like have regular generic actions continue to earn points?


      I assume the best way to do this is to just re-create the scenarios (listed below) in the gamification module as missions but don't assign badges to them and make them repeatable?


      Posting or responding to discussion.
      Correctly answered discussion questions.
      Helpful responses to discussion questions.
      Creating new documents.
      Creating new blog posts.
      Completing tasks in a project.
      Creating a new status update.
      User's status was liked.
      Create idea
      Add comment for idea
      Vote an idea