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    Jive API versioning

      I am confused here. I see a number of new capabilities, some of the Jive Cloud related showing up in the Core V3 api. While this is now versioned v3.3 it is still included via <Require feature="jive-core-v3" />


      So how are we supposed to handle this? Certainly I cannot do a version check every time I run an API call. Especially, since the "since" attribute (Jive API v3.3) is not consistently maintained in the documentation

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          OK, this is getting annoying. Can someone from Jive provide some guidance here? (Mark Weitzel , Craig McClanahan)


          Can you provide some cleaner versioning information here. I'm starting to see way too many "if (osapi.jive.corev3.something!=undefined) " in my code.

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              The rules we've been following in Core V3 development have been as follows:

              • It is OK to add new endpoints.
              • It is OK to add new fields to existing entities.
              • It is not OK to remove existing endpoints or entities.
              • It is not OK to change the semantics of existing endpoints.

              Basically stated, the goal is continuously backwards compatibility, with the addition of new features and capabilities over time.  The name of the API (Jive Core API V3) does not change, because it is the same API.


              Regarding @since, everything not marked has been available since the original release of Jive 6.  The incrementing number after the decimal essentially identifies which cloud release this feature was made available in (3.3 is the recently released 2Q13 cloud update).  The only time that identifier would be relevant if is if you are programming against a sandbox of brand new functionality.  That will rarely be the case outside of Jive.

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