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    @mentions via email

      Does anyone know if you can create an @mention from an email?

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          I know that using the Outlook integration in Jive 6, when you Create from Outlook (using the pencil button in the toolbar at the top), you have the option to use the @mention.  In terms of reply by email, I am not sure.

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            My guess is that the only way to do that would be if you have the Outlook Connects module. Mor Avital - would you know?

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                Kristen and Tracy are correct, the only way to @mention in an email right now is to use Jive for Outlook and create a discussion rather than writing a regular email. Then you can post it to a relevant location in your community, @mention people/places/content, and follow the conversation as it develops. Added benefit is that - if you‘re using the latest version of Jive for Outlook - you can mark your discussion as a question and then from within Outlook itself mark correct/helpful answers. All the benefits of email in terms of access and fitting into your existing work style, combined with all the benefits of Jive in terms of having discoverable, actionable, trackable and repeatable information.