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    The data structure defining the parent/child relationship between spaces is in an inconsistent state.

      Is there a solution for this problem below?

      Fix Broken Community Tree

      Is the closest I can find but I have no idea  what  or where jiveCommunity table resides.

      Please follow these instructions to get this inconsistency resolved:


      1. Log into www.jivesoftware.com/support and create a new support case.

      2. When entering information for the case, be sure to include the error details below and upload the jiveHome/logs/space_tree_changes.log file.

      3. Jive support will follow up to give you the steps youll need to correct the inconsistency.


      Duplicate rgt values were found: communityID: 3728, lft=2045, rgt=2244 communityID: 4587, lft=2243, rgt=2244 communityID: 3753, lft=2113, rgt=2114 communityID: 4549, lft=2047, rgt=2114