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    Still confused about Following


      So I get how to edit my streams, including how to turn on/off emails for the stream.


      What I don't get:

      1. I can follow a piece of content, but that follow doesn't seem to show in my stream.
        • Is there any consolidated place I can see what content I am following?
        • Or do I just have to try and remember which streams (if any) I am getting emails from so that when I get an email and want to stop getting them for that piece of content, I know to move it to a different stream?
      2. Instead of following a whole space/group/person, I can follow just a blog. I don't see a spot in the stream edit where that is displayed - the fact that I am following just a blog. Am I missing something?


      Maybe this is outlined somewhere, but I have yet to find it. And in asking other people (customers) if they have created a flow chart or a cheat sheet, I have not yet found anything. Would love some help here!