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    Where do I go to "unhide"?


      In Jive 5, when I hide something, I can come back at a later time, click to view all my hidden content, and then decide to unhide it. In 6.0, the only place I see to unhide is right on that piece of content I just decided to hide. What happens when it is so far down my page that I can't find it, or can't remember if I hid it? Do I really need to scroll forever for something in a big stream that I hid last week?


      Again - feel like I must be missing something obvious.

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          It's under Preferences.  About halfway down is "Hidden Activity Rules".  Click the edit link & you get a popup where there's a list of content with undo links.  What's not intuitive is that from within Inbox to stop seeing updates you click "Hide new activity" but this hidden stuff isn't there (which if you thought of it as stop tracking make sense), but with the new wording it's confusing.  It only shows activity hidden from connections (or presumable any custom stream, but I don't have any custom streams.